Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Digital Printing at -bl^nk-

At bl^nk we take great pride in our production system, having our own factory based in Gurgaon India, enables us to ensure an ethical working environment is put in place. Our Sedex approved production factory holds over 10 different specialist departments with highly skilled employees working on a wide range of crafts such as hand embroidery, bag making and screen printing. We believe it essential that the highest standard of production is put in place for our customers, and from owning our own factory we are privileged to be able to assess this from the very beginning to the end of our production process.
One of our recent investments, in a digital printing machine known as the MONNA LISA® from a highly renowned textile machinery company based in Italy, has made a staggering difference in the quality of our digital printing. 
For all of our digitally printed products, the creation starts with the MONNA LISA®. An advanced machine that can deliver paramount printing on various textiles from linen, wools and silk to name a few, giving us lots of flexibility as a brand to experiment and broaden our range of designs. Also with using this new machine, our skilfully trained graphic design team can now see results that rightfully compliment their admirable designs. Another plus to the MONNA LISA® is alongside its ability for creating refined prints it also pays attention to energy saving and environmental protection, something that is very important to us here at –bl^nk-. It gained approval from the “Green Label” a project promoted by ACIMIT and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and by the Institute for Foreign Trade. Thus leading to our end products being environmentally conscious and our consumers being able to buy our products worry free.

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