Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bag making at -bl^nk-

Bl^nk take pride in the unique craftsmanship that goes into creating our bags. 
The skill that is used to hand make each individual piece is what gives our products value, especially when it comes to the small intricate detailing. Once again, we are taking the time needed to perfect each aspect and so it can take up to 20 hours to make just one item. 
We are never out of ideas! We use lots of different materials depending on the season, so it fits perfectly with the rest of our range. We love mixing bold prints and colourful trims. We also have a prominent theme of embroidery and embellishment that runs throughout our bag designs and makes them so unique, thanks to our very gifted hand embroidery team!
Throughout the creation process, each bag can be passed through a variety of craftsmen from the pattern master to the digital print team and to the hand embroiders. This mixture of different craftsmen knowledge, expertise and dedication is what makes our bags so unique and rewarding to wear.

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