Monday, 13 February 2017

Evolution of the Gypsy Boho Skirt

Long, floaty and sometimes tiered, the gypsy boho skirt is flattering and easy to wear whilst adding an elegant style to outfits. Originating from the Roma Gypsies, the gypsy boho skirt began to vary in length, colour and pattern once the Roma migrated over the years into Europe and started mixing with other communities. Gradually the loose flowing and less restrictive skirt started captivating women outside of the Roma community and began its debut into fashion history. In the 1960's it became particularly popular during the bohemian hippie movement, an era that changed the face of fashion. People wanted fashion that was unique and they saw the large amount of fabric used to make the gypsy skirt as a big canvas to express themselves on, something we also welcome here at -bl^nk-. After seeing a revival in 2005, and again in the last year or so, the skirt has now become a staple item in women's wardrobes. It looks like the gypsy skirt is here to stay and -bl^nk- are happy to introduce you to our take on this graceful skirt, with fresh prints and shapes for the new ss17 season.


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